What is Amigo?

Amigo is our cloud-based marketing technology platform that allows marketing teams to understand, encourage and reinforce genuine recommendations. 

Recommendations are genuine if they are delivered as personal messages between friends, and they provide evidence of real experience of the product or service. They are the most significant influence on purchase decisions and should be a significant component of any marketing strategy.

What does Amigo measure?

Amigo collects a unique and valuable data set. Amigo can add sharing buttons to your website and can track shares made by customers through any social network, through email and via cut and paste of the URL from the address bar. These URL shares account for over 80% of all sharing and to draw any conclusions, these need to be included in the data collected. Each outcome that you value can be credited to a specific sharing event and person. This influence data is a vital part of discovering your best customers – the ones who love what you do and influence others through genuine recommendations.

How does Amigo change the user experience?

Amigo can inject widgets into your site, allowing you to deliver personalised and customised experiences to your users. Amigo widgets are delivered as fully resolved HTML, so to the user, they are an integral part of your site. What’s more, all cookies are first party (your cookies, not ours), and we do not brand any part of the user journey. Amigo is invisible to your users, whose experience of your brand remains entirely under your control.

How is Amigo implemented?

Amigo has been designed to minimise the involvement of your IT team, allowing your marketing team to focus on the creation of campaigns. Implementing Amigo is easy: simply add a JavaScript tag to your site (just like Google Analytics) and we work with your marketing team to do the rest.

Sounds great, what next?

To find out more about what we can do for you, you should contact us.

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