Stop Customer Abuse

Digital marketing is broken. Display advertisements are obtrusive, interruptive and annoying. Ad blockers are more and more widely used. Remarketing strategies are often invasive and misplaced. Content marketing can be compelling but is tainted by the avalanche of click bait. Click-through rates continue to decline and reversing this trend can only be achieved at the expense of customer love.

Discover Customer Love

Identifying and nurturing customers who love what you do has always been a cornerstone for marketing success. Digital Animal has developed Amigo, a platform for the creation and management of advocacy marketing campaigns. These campaigns help you find customers who love what you do and encourage them to share genuine recommendations with their friends. Amigo delivers new customers and new insights.

Encourage Genuine Recommendations

Not all recommendations are born equal. Genuine recommendations are the most significant influence on purchase decisions. A recommendation is genuine if it is delivered as personal messages between friends and provides evidence of real experience of the product or service being recommended. Amigo enables and encourages your customers to deliver genuine recommendations to their friends.

Amigo Technology

Amigo is easy to implement and maintain. It is a cloud-based platform that delivers fully integrated advocacy campaigns as a seamless part of your website. We work closely with your marketing team to develop, deploy and enhance campaigns with the minimum involvement of your development team. Amigo allows you to focus on your marketing goals.

Digital Animal

Mike Adam and Phil Ley are the driving force behind Digital Animal. Mike has had a long and successful career in analytical technology; Phil was the Marketing Director of Sky Television and went on to found Branded, a leading strategic marketing consultancy. We believe that the most significant impact of the digital revolution is not that it directly connects brands to their audience; it is that current and prospective customers are connected to each other. This is the idea behind Amigo and the focus of our business.

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