People are powerful

Our technology rewards networked people 
for their communications and influence.

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Enable Brilliance

We deliver superior marketing intelligence based on what people actually do and share.

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Kill Risk

We enable you to transition from expensive front-end intrusive
internet advertising to performance based marketing.

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Our Products

Enables businesses to incentivise customers to drive sales and engagement from their networks.

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Create campaigns to activate your customers

Easily build marketing campaigns that reward influential advocates for finding new customers, increasing sales and driving awareness of your  brand and products.

Broadcast to multiple networks

Broadcast to multiple networks

Campaigns work over all major social networks and e-mail and also work on desktops, tablets and mobile devices enabling massive reach.

Identify your influential customers

Identify your influential customers campaigns enable individuals to sign-up as advocates of your brands and products and be rewarded for driving sales and awareness from their influence.

Reward your influential customers

Reward your influential customers

Easily set up goals and rewards to incentivise your customers to drive sales, awareness and new customers from their networks.

Analyse and optimise

Analyse and optimise

Use campaign metrics to understand and improve marketing and sales performance. Quantify how many customers become advocates and who the most influential are. Find out which network has the best conversion rate. Identify which calls-to-action drive most business impact.


About us

Martin Heath

Chief Executive Officer

Dan Allen

CEO Media & Entertainment

Nick Burnell

Chief Operating Officer

Paul Inman

Chief Technical Officer

Oli Huggins

Head of Product Design

Zaid Crowe

Technical Manager

Tony Humphreys

Chief Information Officer

Ian Pettifor

Chief Financial Officer

Erika Pearson

Head of Account Management and UX

Digital Animal has built a unique software product that allows brands to turn their customers into valuable advocates.

The core product is called and it enables the creation of incentivised peer-to-peer marketing campaigns. The campaigns enable engaged customers to be identified and to use their influence to drive sales and other forms of engagement from their networks.

Clients that use Digital Animal’s core product generate increased sales, brand exposure, site visits and significant marketing intelligence. is a market leading customer management and recommendation solution that empowers our clients to engage easily, and at scale, with their customers and their networks. The product was born out of our experience of fan-management within the music industry, having worked with artists such as Pink Floyd, Radiohead and The Killers. Digital Animal is now taking its unique solution to multiple industry sectors including Financial Services, Retail, Media and Entertainment.



Collaborating with Respect Network; the world's first personal and business cloud network

We are very pleased to announce that we are now collaborating with Respect Network Corporation to build the world’s first private network for personal and business clouds for peer-to-peer trusted...

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Digital Animal promises more UK action as it reveals US deal

Through the deal Digital Animal will supply its social media marketing platform to Vertafore’s network of 20,000 insurance agents, enabling them to market directly to their customers with Thunderbird, a...

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Music mogul recruits expert team for insurance industry ‘game-changer’

Meet the new DA recruits set to take the insurance industry by storm. What better way to welcome Tony Humphries, Nigel Godfrey and Glenn Hirchfield to the team than with...

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