Intelligent Advocacy Marketing

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We are specialists in advocacy marketing. We believe that advocacy should be at the heart of any marketing strategy. Market leading business like AirBnB, Uber and Dropbox agree.

Our solutions drive revenue directly and allow our clients to identify their most influential customers to target their marketing effort.

Advocacy is powerful and complex

Online advocacy impacts your most valuable asset: your customers. The prize is therefore substantial; but the solution cannot be 'set and forget'.

That's why we provide technology and data-driven consulting to support your marketing team in developing intelligent advocacy for your brand.

Easy integration with your digital assets

Digital Animal's technology is simple to implement for your entire online infrastructure.

We enable your marketing team to build intelligent advocacy campaigns and monitor their impact.

We identify who is sharing (your 'Advocates') and who they refer (their 'Friends'). This enables you to attribute influence to individual Advocates and reward them and their Friends as you choose.

We analyse the data from your advocacy campaigns, along with other marketing data you are collecting, to optimise advocacy for your brand and improve future campaigns.

What is advocacy?

Word of mouth has long been recognised as the most effective form of marketing. Some of your customers are already advocating for your brand to their networks, by sharing links, posting on Facebook, tweeting and re-tweeting, liking images and writing reviews of your products. We call this 'Background Advocacy'. It is useful, but not easily actionable.

With Digital Animal, you can create bespoke campaigns targeting advocates; you can measure the effectiveness of individual advocates in generating outcomes that you value; and you can reward both the advocates and their friends for their involvement. You also collect all the data surrounding Advocacy and use it to inform your broader marketing strategy. This is what we call 'Intelligent Advocacy Marketing'.


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