Intelligent referral marketing

Intelligent Advocacy Marketing

Advocacy campaigns that work for you.

Social Sign-on

Your customers sign-up to campaigns using their Facebook accounts or email address.

Social Sharing

It’s not just email. We let your customers make referrals using social networks.

Automated Rewards

Sit back! We automate the sending of vouchers and digital rewards to successful advocates.

Real-time Notifications

Keep them engaged! Set email notifications when your advocates complete milestones.

Seamless integration with your digital assets

Embed campaigns straight into your CMS


Easy to set up and edit

We help build and inject advocacy into your marketing.

We're integrated with Affiliate Networks

Use your existing affiliate conversion tracking.

Understand and motivate your advocates

Identify individuals in your online audience who successfully advocate on your behalf.

Export to CRM

You’ll be able to export the data around your influencers out of Digital Animal and into your CRM.

Rank Influence

Rank your customers by their type and level of influence i.e. best at driving traffic, best at driving transactions.

Experiment to learn and improve

Optimise and refine referral campaigns through data


Find out what works

Identify what motivates customers to recommend your product or service.

Discover which promotions are successful

Test your assumptions on what the friends of your advocates are looking for.

We are here to help you every step of the way

Our Advocacy Analysts perfect your referral campaigns through experience and intelligent use of data.

Fluent and experienced

We are experts in the tools and language of advocacy.

Your business is our business

We are always honest. We will advise you to change things, even if it affects our bottom line.

We're powering advocacy across major brands

Our Team

Our team built one of the first and most successful systematic Hedge Funds. They've also obtained patents at Google. Our business is people. We're committed to building the world's most intelligent advocacy marketing system.

Mike Adam


Jarvey Moss

Head of Operations

Zaid Crowe

Head of Development

Frederic Kalinke

Head of Consulting


Jacob Clarkson

Lead Software Architect

Wahab Qureshi

Software Engineer

Chris Haycock

QA Lead

Nick Burnell



Erika Pearson

Client Operations Manager

Nick Otter

Advocacy Analyst

Angela Wood

Office Manager

Nathan Burrill

Software Developer


Fadi Haddadeen

Advocacy Analyst