a revolutionary approach to advocacy marketing

Your Brand Stars are your most powerful advocates and should be nurtured. Your relationship with them has always been at the heart of your business.

Creatively implemented, advocacy is relevant, connected and authentic. We deliver timely opportunities for your Brand Stars to share with their friends and recruit them as co-stars.

An understanding of your Brand Stars can shape your entire marketing strategy. We collect priceless proprietary data based on outcomes that matter to your business.

Changing the Rules

We are challenging the conventional approach to digital marketing.

Your customers are not megaphones for your marketing messages. You should treat them with the care that they deserve.

People are social; brands are not. Your role on social networks is to help your Brand Stars to socialise with their friends.

The influence that your customers have on future transactions is more important than how much they have bought in the past. You should invest in understanding your Brand Stars.


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